Fakir Mohan Foundation is a tribute to the heritage of Odisha with special focus on the legacy of Fakir Mohan Senapati the leading light of Indian literature. The foundation will work (globally, nationally and in Odisha), to deepen and sharpen people’s understanding of the rich socio- cultural roots and identity of its people. The foundation will also aspire to preserve, protect and promote the quintessential character of Odiya language and literature traditions, build social capital and human values among the youth and in particular address women’s issues in order to help women emerge as agents of change... >>>
Promoting ‘Manav Dharma’ (The religion of humanism) figures majorly in FMF’s agenda. We have already put in our appeal to the post & telegraphs department Government of India for bringing out a stamp on Manav Dharma with Fakir Mohan’s picture and name. This is under process & would need your patronage for it to happen. We have a logo prepared on the theme and we would be treating it as our event logo hereafter for all our events, besides using the main FMF logo... >>>
FAKIR MOHAN FOUNDATION - In celebration of a legacy.
Fakir Mohan Foundation in collaboration with the Govt. of Odisha, Department of Culture and Tourism presents a Dance Theatre rendition in Hindi & Odiya of Fakir Mohan Senapati’s radical social novel “Six Acres & a third” (1902) – ‘Chhamana Atha Guntha’
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